Indoor plants that you should plant in your home

Do you want to add some greenery in your home? But, not sure what plant you should choose? Then you are on the right place, here we are sharing some of the top plants that you can keep in your home, which will provide you better air quality and more fresh environment in your home.

  1. Money Plant:

One of the most common plat that is found in the homes is Money plant. It is easy to maintain and can be planted in water and soil both. Its create harmony and bring prosperity in your home according to Feng Shui Principles.

  1. Snake Plant:

If you want a plant in your home which is excellent air-purifier and easy to maintain then you will love this plant. You can neglect snake plants for weeks at a time and get more pure air in your home.

  1. Aloe Vera:

This plant can be called as wonder plant, because of its various uses and health benefits.  You should keep this plant near a sunny window where it can get enough light to grow.

  1. Bamboo Plant:

Bamboo plant also known as lucky bamboo plant. This plant will bring good luck and prosperity in your home according to feng shui.

  1. Spider plant:

Taking care of spider plant is easy. You just need to provide them well-drained soil, bright and indirect light and look how beautiful they are. These plants look like spider on the web that’s why it’s called as spider plant and often start out as white followers.

  1. Peace Lily:

Peace lily is another beautiful plant which you can kept in your home. These plants are tropical and evergreen plant. You can plant peace lily in your home it will grow 16 inches in your home but when you plant them outdoor then it can be grow at 6 feet.

  1. Rubber Plant:

Rubber plant is best fit for those who want a tall and large plant with glossy leaves and can be maintained easily.

  1. Mint:

Mint can also be planted in your home and it has air purify and herbal medicine properties. It needs well-drained soil and some protection from direct sun to grow properly.

  1. English ivy:

English Ivy Plant, Ivy Is A Common Houseplant, Which Somewhat Belies The Fact That It’s Not Particularly Easy To Grow Indoors. You can plant English IVY at a distant or hard-to reach areas, because it need very less maintenance.

  1. Golden Pothos:

Golden pothos are the plants which clean your air and give you fresh and toxic free environment in your home. You can hang these plants in your living room, kitchen and other area of your home.