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About Just Interio

Just Interio is a full-fleshed combination of every aspect of interior, that you can think of, in your commercial projects. Just Interio has a wide scope of work including Interior designing, Execution as and when required by you. Just Interio offers an innovative and inspirational approach to interior design with over 10 years of experience, continuously spreading and leaving its footprints in different parts of INDIA. Just Interio has an art of designing such an interior, that often includes false ceiling, electrical work, flooring, furniture, lighting, textiles, spacing, building products, accessories, wall coverings, glass, music system, air conditioning, branding etc. To sum up, we take care of each and every little aspect of Interior Designing.


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  • Rahul Joshi
    I hired Just Interio to do a complete remodeling of my residence. They handled everything extremely well from the start to the end. The result was fantastic and my place looks great.
    Rahul Joshi
  • Pankaj Chauhan
    Just Interio has designed my office. They are really good in their interior design services. I must say that “It is a myth that designers are expensive” in fact they are cost effective. Moreover they give good and elegant designs.
    Pankaj Chauhan
  • Ashish Sharma
    I want to hire an interior designer who can design my dream home within my budget. Just Interio has done it for me and my home is now feels luxury and modern. They have used best color combinations, false ceiling, flooring and furniture.
    Ashish Sharma
  • Sunaina Bansal
    I want to renovate my home. So, I searched interior designers and got in touch with Just Interio. I am very happy to make the decision to choose them for my home interiors. Now, my home looks awesome and everyone appreciate. Thanks Just Interio Team.
    Sunaina Bansal
  • Rajesh Rai
    We bought a society flat. Although we did not want to spend lot of money, but with help of Just Interio we were able to have a complete well designed flat, by refurbishing some of the old stuff.
    Rajesh Rai
  • Ashish Agrawal
    You will get exactly what you are looking for at Just Interio. As their tagline is “You Visualize, We Actualize”. I also want to hire an interior designer who can design my home in my budget. I found Just Interio offering all the services I am looking for and the best part is that they are not expensive as other interior designers in the market. Keep it up Just Interio team.
    Ashish Agrawal
  • Looks Salon
    I found Just Interio when I am search for a salon interior designer online. Then I hire Just Interio for my Looks salon project, they have completed it on time. It’s really nice work they have done and give a luxury touch to the salon. All customers and staff are happy and I am so satisfied that I have hired the right interior designer for my project.
    Looks Salon
  • Reebok Crossfit Robust
    One of my friends recommends Just Interio for my crossfit designing. I contact them and tell them my requirements. I am extremely satisfied with their interior designing services. They have a team of trained and experienced interior designer, who can help you out in any situation and can handle every problem you are facing in your dream project.
    Reebok Crossfit Robust
  • Private Lives
    At Just Interio you can always trust in terms of quality and assurance. They always offer best interior designing services. We have hired them for our showroom interior project and they completed it on time with perfection.
    Private Lives
  • Mongini’s Bakery
    We have hired Just Interio to for our bakery project. With the suggestions of team we have built a successful bakery and everyone appreciate it. Thanks “Just Interio Team”, I will always recommend Just Interio for any type of interior projects.
    Mongini’s Bakery
  • Bharti Taneja’s ALPS
    Just Interio has an art of designing a very simple piece of space into a masterpiece. Some qualities are always complete project on time, save your money and time, and extremely experienced and trained team of interior designers and workers. We have hired them for our salon interior project.
    Bharti Taneja’s ALPS
  • Sameer Bansal
    What a fabulous team of workers. I liked the way they constantly kept a close watch on the workers executing the job. All in all, nice experience.
    Sameer Bansal
  • Aman Bindra
    Just Interio has got wide team of workers who take care of each and everything and are specialist in their work. They made my office look beautiful more than I could ever imagine.
    Aman Bindra
  • Manish Malhotra
    They designed and decorated my salon and every corner of my salon has been furnished very nicely. Good-job Just Interio!
    Manish Malhotra
  • Kamal Gupta
    Their commitment and dedication to work is commendable. Although, they could increase the visits by supervisor to see the on-going job but their quality of work is really good.
    Kamal Gupta